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Andersons3One morning in early 2007 my 11-month-old daughter wore her NoDak Films sweater jacket. My 2-and-a-half year old son pointed to the logo on the back and asked my wife “What’s that”? She told him and he said, “I have NoDak Films too.”

All day I thought about what my son said in conjunction with an email I received from a young man a few days prior. The young man from North Dakota called NoDak Films and my artistic integrity, “another folksy attempt at culture.” The young man questioned integrity and my son confirmed integrity, but not in the conventional way one perceives an artist.

I am not a “starving artist.” I left a career in education and a steady salary to pursue NoDak Films. The young man told me to make my films and ask questions later. My son told me, indirectly, that art takes time, patience and lots and lots of questions.

I spent over two years writing Last Summer For Boys (NoDak Films first feature film – now on DVD) while working as a High School English Teacher and then Program Coordinator at an educational non-profit, and in that time I asked himself a lot of questions and wrote and re-wrote the script…but I wanted more. I wanted the artistic value of my screenplay on screen the way I envisioned it and that vision was a North Dakota vision.

Since moving to Kansas City fall of 2013, the vision has been adjusted to include stories from multiple formats and points of view. NoDak Films looks forward to helping shape any story into an audio/visual experience.
Nate and OG Crew

As Theodore Roosevelt once said,

“It was here that the romance of my life began.”