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Coming soon... 
It's time to distribute this movie in North Dakota through great North Dakota companies. More to come soon on the website...

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Movie 2.0 
A lot of "F" words, but he says exactly how I've been feeling since I started NoDak Films in 2006. Indie Film 2.0 and although I don't like the word Indie I'll rename the revolution Movie 2.0

Click on the 'related link' below to watch the video by Kevin Smith at this year's Sundance Film Festival

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Watch this movie... 

The mark of a great movie is that it leaves the viewer wanting more. I want more. 'Exit Through the Gift Shop' is almost unbelieveable, but it's a documentary. A documentary! I watched it 3 nights ago and I still can't get the damn thing out of my head.

I can't remember the last movie to have that effect.

Watch this movie. I know I will -- again.

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Maybe Roger Ebert said it best... 
"3D is a distracting, annoying, anti-realistic, juvenile abomination to use as an excuse for higher prices"

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Movie Poster... 
This may be the one...

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Silver lining... 
The email went like this:

Dear Nathan,

On behalf of the Sundance Programming team, we would like to thank you for submitting your film to the 2011 Sundance Film Festival. Unfortunately, we are not able to include it in our program this year. With over 3,800 feature films submitted for consideration, narrowing the field down to 115 was more difficult than ever. Please know that your film was carefully considered by our staff, and we viewed far more worthy films than we had room for in the program. Do not be discouraged by this decision-- we wish you the best of luck with your film, and look forward to having the opportunity to view your work in the future.


John Cooper

Director, Sundance Film Festival

Initially it bothered me, was dissapointed, then I saw this:

Thank you for all your support, everyone! Here's our BIG NEWS!!

NEXT (<=>)
Eight American films selected for their innovative and original work in low- and no-budget filmmaking. Each is a world premiere.

Prairie Love / U.S.A. (Director and screenwriter: Dusty Bias) - When a mysterious vagrant living out of his car among the snowy plains discovers a nearly-frozen local with a pen-pal girlfriend, he sees an opportunity to change his lonely existence. Cast: Jeremy Clark, Holly Lynn Ellis, Garth Blomberg.

Dusty Bias, Holly Ellis and Garth Blomberg are from North Dakota, made a movie in North Dakota. They are my peers, my friends, we all graduated from the same high school the same year.

Since we finished production on our movie, the last 4 months have been all about editing/sound/post-production and the process was beginning to slow the machine of our accomplishment this past summer into a rusty routine that was even making me a bit stiff.

Upon our dissapointment and 'Prairie Love's' accomplishment; I found a silver lining. NoDak Films made a great movie this summer and I look forward to growing up as filmmakers alongside old friends even if there perch is from a swank loft in Hollywood and mine is from the back porch of a couple acres in rural North Dakota.

2011 is going to be a great year for the moving picture set in and inspired by North Dakota.

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Making a Prediction... 
My wife called me the other day -- a copy of People's Sexiest Man Alive issue happened to arrive at our place. Anyway, in the magazine was a sneak peak at the animated movie Cars 2. You know, Lightning McQueen, Mater, Sally, Doc, etc...

I am making a predicition now that Cars 2 will gross over 1 billion dollars.

The End

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I was listening to North Dakota Public Radio the other day when the arts and entertainment critic came on -- a local guy I think. Anyway, after tearing apart the new movie Megamind, the critic mentioned a two day film event at the Fargo Theatre called '''REEL MENTAL ILLNESS': Depictions in the movies'. According to Mental Health America of North Dakota, who sponsored the event, they would in fact show movies that depicted mental illness and then 'facilitate audience disucussion on the authenticity' of the the particular mental illness displayed in the movie.

I found this very interesting. Why? Because the movie's shown were a means to an end and not an end in itself. The first movie shown was 'Fisher King' with Robin Williams and Jeff Bridges -- a movie. The synopsis goes:

Jeff Bridges is shock radio DJ Jack Lucas, whose low opinion of humanity lends itself well to his radio talk show, where the enmity rubs off on his listeners. One fan in particular takes Jack's rants to heart and goes to a fancy restaurant with a gun, murdering innocent diners. Jack is so distraught at what his on-air suggestion wrought that he sinks into a three-year depression, drinking himself to sleep and mooching off of his girlfriend Anne Napolitano (Mercedes Ruehl, in an Oscar-winning performance), an attractive owner of a video store. Hitting bottom, Jack slumps to the river, prepared to commit suicide. To his rescue comes a crazed but witty homeless man named Parry (Robin Williams), who tells Jack he's destined for great things -- all his has to do is find the Holy Grail (conveniently located in mid-town Manhattan) and save Parry's soul. He also wants Jack to help him out with the woman of his dreams, Lydia Sinclair (Amanda Plummer), a shy type who works at a publishing company. Parry was once a university professor became unglued by a tragic event in his past; Jack soon realizes that to save himself, he first must save Parry.

For Mental Health America of North Dakota, 'Fisher King' represented a means to discuss schizophrenia. The film became secondary to the issue(s) within it.

I view NoDak Films in a similar way -- we are not making a movie that depicts mental illness, we are making a movie that depicts North Dakota and a creative contribution model and North Dakota actors, music in the soundtrack, North Dakota locations, resources, crew etc...

Oh yeah! and it's a movie too. A good movie. I tell people that what happens behind the camera is just as important as what happens in front of the camera and like Mental Health America of North Dakota illustrated, both can generate a meaningful discussion.

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NoDak Films goes Roustabout 

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Potential Movie Poster 

I like it, let me know what you think.

The movie title can be touched up a bit, but I like where this is going.

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