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Thank you Mr. Johnson and the Grand Forks Herald 

Nathan Carpenter said he thought 8 a.m. was a little early for an audition, yet he was one of 18 people who were out early to answer a casting call by Nathan Anderson, owner and founder of NoDak Films.

Anderson plans to produce the movie “Last Summer for Boys” this summer in North Dakota. He said up until Friday, about 250 people had read for 30 speaking roles at auditions in Ray, Minot, Linton and Bismarck.

“This is the best morning turnout I’ve had in the two weeks I’ve been here,” Anderson said of those gathered in a meeting room at UND’s REAC 1 Building.

“I didn’t know they made movies in North Dakota, that they just made them in Hollywood,” Carpenter said. “When he said no experience was required, that fit my profile.”

Jenny Morris has had more experience, having recently been the lead in the Fire Hall Theatre production of “The Bad Seed.” She said she’s also been in three movies.

“I’m up for any scene he wants me to read,” Morris said.

“It’s one of those things you think, ‘Man, that’d be so awesome to do, but I’m from North Dakota; that’s not a practical job,’” said Jenna Hall, a UND student from Belcourt, N.D. “What do I have to lose?”

One by one, Anderson took each person down the hall to a separate room for a private reading of a selection from the script. Each was told there would be more opportunities.

“I plan to keep making movies in North Dakota,” Anderson told them. “If you’re not right for a role in this movie, you may be perfect for the next.”


Anderson has been asking North Dakota individuals, businesses and towns to contribute $100 to the production of the movie. Anderson said people cast as extras will be listed in the credits as associate producers, as will businesses that contribute products. The product information will be put on the NoDak Films Web site, www.nodakfilms.com. Town landmarks will be placed in the movie, provided they’re from a community of fewer than 5,000 people.

“There have been close to 200 contributions from over 40 towns and cities,” Anderson said. The contributors range from 14-year-old farm kids to former Gov. Ed Schafer, Agriculture Secretary Roger Johnson and former Attorney General Heidi Heitkamp. Each contributor will receive monthly newsletters and be invited to a private screening of the movie.

Anderson is finishing auditions in Fargo this weekend. He said by the end of February or the beginning of March, he’ll invite some of the actors to read a couple more scenes during another round of casting in April or May.

“I’ve definitely seen some actors that I thought, wow, perfect, and I’ve had callbacks to people I’ve liked to read other parts of the script,” Anderson said. “But there are no guarantees.”

The story

“Last Summer for Boys” will be set in Plaza, N.D., where Anderson grew up before his family moved to Minot when he was [14] years old.

“I spent my imaginative years in Plaza, and they were wonderful,” Anderson said. “My dad was a pastor, so I grew up not on but near a farm. I’ve kind of romanticized about farms, so this movie will highlight the agriculture sector in North Dakota.”

The script tells the story of a young North Dakota man fresh from a college degree and with a new job in Minneapolis who leaves the combine for a cubicle. The burden of leaving the farm never leaves him, and he ends up back in the small North Dakota farm town of his youth, where he struggles with the girl he left, the friends he lost touch with and the tough choices he will make before they make him.

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Grand Forks Casting Call 
Thank you Roslynn for the space, UND for the building, all the great folks who showed up to audition and Jude for keeping understanding the game...

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Great interview with Jason Spiess @ Nighttime Live KFGO 790am 
Had a great time with Jason and Kevin Tobosa of North Dakota Realized the other night in studio, here are the results:

Interview -- Part 1

Interview -- Part 2

Interview -- Part 3

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Bismarck Casting Call... 
Thank you old Riverside Cafe, Brian for helping out, all the wonderful individuals who came down to audition and my son Jude for entertaining himself without complaint...

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Thank you again to KX News out of Minot and Bismarck 
Thanks again to KX News...

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Minot Casting Call 
Thank you to Nathan Smith for donating the space, my sister Gretchen, mom Susan and niece Peri for helping out and all the wonderful folks who contributed to NoDak Films and came down to audition...

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Ray Casting Call... 
Thank you to Ray Lutheran Church, my father Steve for helping out and all the wonderful folks who contributed and auditioned...

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GIFT BASKET -- Contribute during the month of February... 
...And you sign up to win over $300 worth of items donated by NoDak Films Business Contributors. The basket will follow Nate around to each casting location

The basket is comprised of an eclectic mix of items that will be raffled off to anyone who contributes the month of February:

Chug A Lug Bar, Landa ND (Gift Certificate) -- $25

Minot Garage Door, Minot ND (Gift Certificate) -- $100

'Lefse: A Scandinavation Delicacy' Book -- $12

4 Bottles of Wine, Casselton ND (Maple River Winery) -- $56

Honey and other Products, Linton ND (A Touch of Honey) -- $30

Hats and shirts, Bismarck ND (Mad Knuk Enterprises) -- $40

'A Good Dose Of God' Book -- $15

Office Express Inc., Killdeer ND (Gift Certificate) -- $20

Dakota Steel Art Spinner, Mantador ND -- $15

Nate West CD's, various ND locations -- $16

Twin Buttes Trading Post, Twin Buttes ND (Gift Certificate) -- $25

Let everybody know

Thank you so much to all the businesses who are a part of the basket.

Over $300 worth of items for anyone who contributes $100 the month of February in honor of NoDak Films first Casting Call....

A $100 contribution means you get to see yourself, friend or loved one, your business or your town in a scene, in a movie set in and inspired by North Dakota...


You can contribute through NoDak Films website a number of different ways:

PayPal Account

Confirmation Form

Give the Gift of NoDak Films to a friend or loved one through our Gift Form

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So we begin casting in North Dakota on Thursday, February 11th, the schedule is as follows:

Thursday, February 11

Ray Lutheran Church -- Ray, ND (11:00am - ?)

Friday, February 12 & Saturday February 13

Basement of Rick's Jewelry -- Downtown Minot, ND (9:00am - ? -- both days)

Sunday, February 14 (HAPPY VALENTINES DAY)

Sister's Restaurant -- Linton, ND (9:00am - 7:00pm)

Monday, February 15 & Tuesday February 16

The Old Riverside Cafe -- Bismarck, ND (8:00am - 6:00pm -- both days)

Friday, February 19

Campus of UND -- Grand Forks, ND (8:00am - ?)

Saturday, February 20 & Sunday February 21

Zandbroz -- Downtown Fargo, ND (Saturday, 9:00am-5:00pm -- Sunday, 12:00pm-5:00pm)

The question mark (?) means there is no set end time. As long as individuals want to come in and audition, the room is open...

Also, you DO NOT NEED to be an actor to act in our movie. This movie is about North Dakota and North Dakotans so be yourself and you might be perfect for this movie...

No need to bring in a headshot or acting resume -- we are taking pictures of every person that auditions and if you are right for a role, it doesn't matter how many plays you've done or commercials you've been in...

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Thank you KX News... 
Here we are...



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