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i've been lookin for these 
A gift from my dad this Christmas, along with the annual his and hers Klutz toy...

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Which item below is most different then the others?

(A) Wolves
(B) Field
(C) A River
(D) Fargo

The irony of the answer, if you put Fargo, is that Fargo puts you in a specific place, but as soon as I expand (A) (B) and (C):

(A) Dances With Wolves
(B) Field of Dreams
(C) A River Runs Through It

Place becomes more emblematic of an entire state while Fargo is seen as an emblem of stereotypes:

(A) Dances With Wolves -- shot almost entirely in South Dakota
(B) Field of Dreams -- shot almost entirely in Iowa
(C) A River Runs Through It -- shot almost entirely in Montana
(D) Fargo -- shot almost entirely in Minnesota

Again notice the irony; Fargo was shot almost entirely in Minnesota.

NoDak Films goal is to shoot films almost entirely in North Dakota while bringing the kind of positive attention Dances With Wolves, Field of Dreams and A River Runs Through it brought to their respective states.

I'm not denying Fargo was a good movie, but I'm unwilling to accept its title so from now on Fargo becomes A Minnesota story.

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North Dakota Secretary of State recognizes NoDak Films 
It's from August 24th, 2006, but I'm proud of the fact North Dakota recognizes NoDak Films as a Trade Name so its worth repeating on this blog.


Nathan Anderson

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History....and the digital revolution in film 
I’m excited! NoDak Films is here thanks to fellow Minotian Luke Graner who was the graphic technocrat of the website.

I’ll get right into it…

My wife is a graduate student in public policy so her professors constantly make her read policy/political related articles. One of her professors, who, interestingly enough is the former Secretary of Labor under Bill Clinton (his 1st term) assigned the article I’m about to mention. My wife wanted me to read an article written by Bono (the lead singer of U2). It wasn’t really an article, but a speech he gave at the National Prayer Breakfast this past February 2006. Bono is big in the global health community and was actually a candidate to become President of the World Bank (an international organization that does lending programs and financial programs for developing countries). At the end of his speech, Bono highlighted three things our age will be remembered for in future history books: the war on terror, global health and the Digital Revolution.

I’m not saying Bono is a historian, but I found it very interesting that along with the war on terror and global health, he put the Digital Revolution or Digital Technology as one of the most important things happening today.

As you view the NoDak Films website, click on the “About Us” link and scroll down. There I mention an article in Time magazine titled "The NEXT Big Thing is Us" where George Lucas says the film industry is not taking advantage of “technological advances”, which really means digital technology. It would cost the film industry $3 billion dollars to convert all of its film projectors to digital (because major studios have been making films the same way for 100 years), but as technology advances, that figure will drop allowing digital independent theatres to open and compete. The author of the Time article, Richard Corliss, goes on to say, “Movies have two big problems: the way they’re made and the way they’re shown.” If Bono, George Lucas and Richard Corliss are right, and I think they are, the digital revolution will turn moviemaking into the next great small business and change the way movies are made and change the way they’re shown.

I call it the “minor-league effect” because if you have been to a minor league baseball game, the owners try to find clever ways to get people in the seats, because every team competes no matter what place there in. Film will operate the same way. The great thing about NoDak Films is the “Model” -- it reflects the title of the Time article: The NEXT big thing is us and our films are like watching a 1st place minor league team because great films take great scripts and NoDak Films has some great scripts under its belt.

I created NoDak Films because I believe Digital Technology will create the next revolution in movies with us (every North Dakotan) ahead of the curve.

Thanks for listening

Nathan Anderson

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