Modern day slavery and shrimp!…

Read a great article from Vanity Fair titled

Slaves Without Chains


About a French Friar committed to ‘help the poor fight for better lives’.

There are two things I really took away, the first, is how I perceive Christianity through a slightly different lens then the Friar. When asked if he believes in God and Christ he says:

“[I do] but could be wrong. What occupies [my] mind is not the promise of a distant heaven but the use of Christanity to help the poor fight for better lives.”

I love this line and feel anyone can insert a cause for justice:

I believe in God or even the concept of Jesus. What occupies my mind is not the promise of a distant heaven but the use of Christianity or the concept of Jesus to_____INSERT CAUSE HERE________.

The second part that jumped out, one that has bothered me for some time, is purchasing items, for cheap usually, that are made in places where I suspect workers are working in poor conditions with little to no pay and I have always reasoned they are not SLAVES, but close to slaves whatever that means in my first world head.

From the article:

“In a survey titled Human Trafficking Around the World researchers….note that 37 percent of all shrimp imported to the United States come from Thailand, and they quote a former State Dept. official as saying ‘It’s essential that people know with absolute certainty that the flow of shrimp into the U.S. market is tainted by shrimp that’s processed by the hands of those in slavery.'”

This is scary. It makes me question every purchase from a big box store or ‘made in China’ tag.

I wonder how many goods I purchase are made by exploiting the poor while simultaneously making horrible people rich.



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