The Wolf of Indoctrination…

International box office sales accounted for 24 billion or almost 70% of the Global Box Office (US & Canada accounted for almost 11 billion) in 2012.

Watch ‘The Act of Killing’ now accompany that with ‘Wolf of Wall St’.

‘6 cents a share. Who buys this crap? who buys these ads, mostly schmucks…always postmen, plumbers…’ quote from Wolf of Wall St.

Then all these middle class looking dudes watch in amazement and awe as a suit clad Belfort works his ponzi magic on the phone, breathlessly watching and listening to every word. Taking notes, then indoctrinated by Belfort’s script — Scorcese’s movie, genocide, 18-24, indoctrination.

In ‘The Act of Killing’ the men who committed genocide on there own people referred to themselves as gangsters and drew inspiration from movies.

The largest demographic of moviegoers are 18-24, they represent 10% of the population, but 21% of frequent moviegoers — maybe because they have the most time on their hands, need to be entertained.

But are they suseptible to indoctrination — to believing that, if we use movie terms, the middle class is a depressing drama somewhere between ‘PRECIOUS’ and the ‘WOLF OF WALL ST.’?

Somewhere between ‘THE GODFATHER’ and ‘THE ACT OF KILLING’?

Now, the second largest demographic are 25-39 year olds. Those who HAVE to find disappointment in there lives because they are not Wolves, they are not Gangsters. But if they are also not ‘grim, yet ultimately triumphant’ tales of success, then they are simply Middle Class and told that they are heroes and sold that they need more.

‘Wouldn’t you feel better, if like, you sold that to rich people who could afford to lose the money?’ says Belfort’s first wife/girlfriend in the movie.

Then the term, both highlighted in print and said aloud ‘Robin Hood’ — a perverted Robin Hood that is nothing like Robin Hood. Dropped. Indoctrinated. Swims around the very purposeful art of details within a movie.

The perverted ‘ACT OF KILLING’ reenactments by the same men who killed. 24 billion dollars of tickets sold outside the US and Canada. 85 million dollars of tickets sold to ‘WOLF OF WALL ST.’ outside the US and Canada.

‘Rich people don’t buy penny stocks…because they’re too smart…I mean what person with a college education would trust this bunch of jerk-offs.’

‘Money crazed kids…’

An exhausting movie that is meant to exhaust the viewer into submission. It is all about submission. For those who cannot stand the bore, they zone out. For those who don’t want to be pinned, they reverse it and show their disdain and then, inevitably, there are those who submit.

Don’t submit! The middle class is the backbone of the world and not some Wolf of Indoctrination.


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